Make A Nonprofit Donation In Fort Lauderdale

Drug addiction is like a black hole where there is darkness throughout and no way out. The struggle is endless and leaves a person feeling miserable. This is the impact of the opioid epidemic that has destroyed several families and individuals. The path to recovery seems difficult, but it is not impossible.

According to the reports of National Safety Council, there has been 1,608% increase in the female deaths by opioid overdose.

Why Donate To The Robin Foundation In Fort Lauderdale?

Women’s Halfway House is an initiative to support women and provide them with a transitional environment where facilities help them rebuild their lives.

Our team from the Robin Foundation aims to provide guidance to women and help them in their fight against drugs.

Women’s Housing Community

We strive to provide women with adequate support and a hospitable environment that will help them restructure their lives and begin afresh. 

Our community provides a safe space for women where they are encouraged to share their experiences, interact with others, and find solace in one another. 

Through Women’s Halfway House, we aim to reach out to women affected by addiction and help them progress towards a better future. Our not-for-profit organization relies on communities to support and provide essential services.

Distribution Program

Robin Foundation runs a Narcan distribution program that provides free Opioid overdose reversal medication to those in need. Our program entails spreading awareness against drug overdose and educating the masses on the signs of overdose. 

Thank You For Your Support

You can contribute towards this healthy cause and be a part of this drive.

Please make a difference and support our cause at Robin Foundation. Make your community stronger by spreading awareness against Opioid Overdose and its life-threatening consequences. Become a part of our distribution drive at Robin Foundation.