THE ROBIN FOUNDATION can only provide Narcan to Florida state residents but will be happy to refer to the state alliances in your home state

Meet Our Volunteers Team




Victoria another welcome addition to our Volunteer Corp will be assisting the foundation with on line training regarding the Opioid Pandemic and the Use of Narcan. Victoria is a former Marine, the mom of one amazing dog (Sugarfoot McLovin’s) and most importantly a citizen who tries her best to care for her neighbors. She has many years of experience in numerous industries mostly as a corporate instructor, trainer or in a technical sales capacity. Victoria has been an active “helper” all her life volunteering with various causes throughout the year’s and wishes to continue in her community now that she has returned to South Florida for this part of her journey. When not working on the mission at hand, you can find Victoria and Sugarfoot exploring the local areas on foot or with some aquatic minded friends at the beach to enjoy the surf, sand and sunshine.
Victoria’s “Why”
I truly believe we are all connected and this epidemic is a threat in some way to each and every one of us. Most of us need a second chance at some point in our lives…this program tries to give just that and I am excited to be a part.

Rachel Kope



Rachel Cope graduated from Vanderbilt University with a bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience and a minor in Spanish in 2021. She has previously volunteered with Mending Hearts in Nashville, a rehabilitation clinic that works with women recovering from addiction. Her interests are expanding harm reduction resources and investing in mental health treatment. Rachel is a welcome member of our Volunteer team.



Director of Community Development

Claire’s journey began in interior architecture, but after losing her brother to an accidental fentanyl overdose, she took her career path in a new direction. She started 6th Sense Design in 2021 and has been working on designing spaces for recovery and treatment. She is passionate about the intersection of evidence-based design and behavioral health and is excited to work with the Robin Foundation that is combatting the nationwide epidemic from so many different directions.


Director of Volunteer Corp

Tom Hoyle has been a friend of the Cavallo Family and the Robin Foundation since it’s inception. Tom has also been in the Pest Management business for the past 35 years, retiring in August of 2021. Over those years Tom worked directly with Engineers, Hotel ,Casino Managers and countless owners and operators of the finest restaurants in South Florida. He was also the owner-operator of his own pest management company for
many years. Tom has a very strong desire to stay organized and work as a team on all projects no matter what the size. Currently Tom is working part time in Real Estate and a local county club golf pro shop.


Director of Volunteer Corp

Brooke is a pre-med college student at NSU Davie, FL with a drive to make a difference through education and extending a hand to those in need. The opioid crisis has personally affected Brooke’s family and those close to her which has fueled her to assist in supporting the mission of The Robin Foundation. “Our goal is to reach someone, teach someone, save someone” a quote found in The Robin Foundation’s mission statement resonated with Brooke, for this can partly explain the reason she is pursuing the practice of medicine. Brooke will be assisting the foundation to reach out to students at Nova University by passing out Narcan and providing on-site training.

Francine Damato
Francine’s on a mission to spread hope to those experiencing hopelessness, having over a decade of healthcare experience working as a Paramedic. In 2018 my family would be struck with the fatal effects of Fentanyl, to this Opioid Pandemic causing me to lose my brother Joe. Today I identify as a woman in recovery whose goal is to share my lived experience as a Peer Specialist where I am able to connect, empathize, and provide compassion where it’s needed most. Mother of 3 girls, in my free time I enjoy listening to Ted talks, reading, going to the beach, and you can always find me drinking a great cup of coffee in hand !

Offering 501 ( C) (3) recovery house for women affected by addiction

The Robin Foundation, with years of experience, knows that the road to sobriety is more challenging for some women than others. We offer the best recovery house for women to overcome the rotating cycle of rehabilitation and relapse with no end. And such women are also vulnerable to overdosing, a present clear danger. Hence our foundation requires volunteers need for the opioid pandemic.

Opioid overdosing is prevalent among men and in the US and women, causing a steep rise because of deaths. It is one reason for the US IRC or Internal Revenue Code to have a specific tax category, Section 501 ( C ) ( 3), to exempt recovery houses for women run by NGOs from federal taxable income.
Hence those donating to 501 ( C ) (3) recovery homes run by The Robin Foundation will get an exemption from the federal tax.

The Robin Foundation is committed to helping addicted women using MAT or medically assisted treatment in a recovery house. MAT is a therapy to be more than a medication for professional administration in a supervised setting. And the other best form is offering them in a recovery house for women. It will help the women become sober by sharing many things with others with the same problems. Also, it will help to avoid relapse and cut the vicious cycle of rehabilitation and relapse, which could be more harmful to addicted women. And for that purpose. Volunteers are needed for opioid treatment to help the overdosed and addicted women to lead a normal life again.

Our team of experienced volunteers with enough training in dealing with opioid addiction persons and even saving their lives during emergencies offer the best MAT. They help them in transitional or halfway treatment or recovery houses for women with all the facilities for rehabilitation and resettlement services. Our MAT program will provide a better future for addicted women with clean, safe, and sober living one day at a time. Our 501 ( C ) (3) recovery home for women empowers them to overcome many mental and physical issues to become a positive role models in the future for other such affected people. We provide them with safe living in the best recovery house for women in a clean and sober atmosphere. Also, it will help them to connect with resources and reconnect with their children and family. Hence they can gain stability to continue sobriety and also be an example and hope for other addicted people

Studies confirm that though medication is an effective tool for the addicted persons’ recovery process, the ultimate key is the individual’s rehabilitation. Medications can control the addicted person not to using opioids and other abusive substances. But once discontinuing the medicine, it will tend to relapse and become an addicted person again. However, with proper rehabilitation in our recovery house for women and with proper care and concern, there are more chances of continuing to be sober for the remaining life. Also, to become successful in specific fields, having seen the worst, not to lose anything more.

Call us now to learn more about our 501 (C ) (3) recovery house for home and to become volunteers needed for opioid treatment.

Robin Foundation

(954) 310-0382

The Robin Foundation is a 501 C3 certified organization.

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