Volunteer Positions Needed Please Fill Out Volunteer Form
Special Events Coordinator- This person needs to identify public events such as concerts ,Flea markets and festivals where The Robin Foundation can pass out information regarding the Opioid Pandemic and give out Narcan and show how to use. This person will have a computer and telephone and can work for a minimum of 4hrs per week

College Student Representatives- We are looking for College Students that want to assist with giving Narcan to as many students as possible along with promoting awareness regarding the dangers of recreational drug usage. Each student must commit to at least 4-6 hrs. per week of on campus participation. We are also interested in accessing Fraternities on and off campus.

High School and College Students- Seeking HS & College students who will assist the Robin Foundation in educating other students in public and private schools and put Narcan and information in the hands of those that are at risk. We are also looking for Volunteer representatives for College Campuses in South Florida that will reach out to student associations and fraternity houses. We are looking for several volunteers for each campus.This is a 4-6hr per week commitments.

Training Volunteers- The Robin Foundation is currently seeking a passionate volunteer to expand current training capacity. As a DCF certified trainer and distributor of Naloxone (Narcan), the Robin Foundation is on a mission to reduce overdose rates through training and equipping the community with Narcan.
Our hybrid training program is provided at no cost and available to individuals and businesses. With a higher demand of interest, the Robin Foundation is looking to develop a team of training facilitators. Please fill out questionnaire below.

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