Free Narcan Spray and Opioid Emergency Kits To Local Business

POMPANO BEACH, FL., UNITED STATES,  October 31, 2022 / — The Robin Foundation, in partnership with Project Opioid South Florida and the Broward Sherriff’s Office (BSO) is distributing Free Opioid Emergency Kits to local businesses in Florida.

These Kits consist of four (4) boxes of Narcan in each kit. They have been made available at The Race Trac Gas Station/Convenience Store and The Saxon Wall Supermarket (“Supermarket”) in Pompano Beach by Project Opioid South Florida. Both businesses’ granted permission for these kits to be placed on the exterior walls to curb the overdoses in Florida. The public are allowed to  Opioid Emergency Kits take the Narcan in case of an overdose emergency that may occur while at/near the Convenience Store or Supermarket.  

The Robin Foundation identified during correspondence with BSO that overdose victims use/need an average of four (4) Narcan sprays. Chris Cavallo, Founder of the Robin Foundation noted that during their work with a local detox center, a patient who had already been administered four (4) Narcan nasal sprays was brought to the detox center from a rural area. The center had to use two (2) additional sprays to stabilize the patient en-route to the emergency room. An aggregate of six (6) nasal sprays was administered over a 45-minute time frame to preserve the overdose victim’s life until she was transferred to a local emergency room. This influences the decision to provide a minimum of two (2) boxes in response to each request. Robin Foundation’s volunteer staff are instructed to provide individuals with an average of two (2) to four (4) Narcan boxes, each containing two nasal sprays.  

In 2021, over 108,000 individuals died from opioid overdose, including prescription opioids, heroin, and illicitly manufactured fentanyl. South Florida has been affected gravely, with Pompano Beach recording more victims than other parts of the region. Robin Foundation and its partners distribute free Narcan sprays to individuals to administer in emergencies when the victim cannot immediately access medical assistance. The “Opioid Kits” being placed are not locked and are accessible to members of the public in cases of emergency. The Foundation and its partners are committed to saving the lives of overdose victims and creating awareness about the dangerous side effects of opioids and fentanyl analogs.