Our Vision

The Robin Foundation’s Mission is to change and save those lives who are at risk of overdose by supplying them with Narcan and providing Free training to as many individuals, families, and organizations as possible in the proper method to administer Narcan in case of an overdose. The Robin Foundation will also create safe communities for women and provide a recovery service structure that will deliver the best possibility of success no matter their socioeconomic status, race, creed, or religion. We will provide (MAT)medicated assisted treatment to those who require special assistance when necessary by providing a comprehensive service plan that exceeds FARR-certified requirements. We will ensure each client an optimum level of success by the time our client’s program and treatment plan have been completed.

We envision by reaching out to those who are at risk of overdose and providing Free Narcan, Free Training, and Free Support, we will not only save lives but increase the “conversation” between our families, neighbors, employees, and loved ones. By doing this, we will chip away at the stigma of mental illness and the disease of addiction, which is now so prevalent in our community. We also believe that by providing WOMEN, the most underserved in the recovery population, not only safe housing but services that far exceed any other offerings being made presently. We will decrease the standard recidivism rate and increase long-term recovery. By providing access to a comprehensive and documented long-term recovery plan, our clients will learn to become better citizens in their communities and daughters and parents when reunited with their families. Just as importantly, we believe that – through the Robin Foundation efforts – the shadow and stigma surrounding mental illness and addiction will one day become less critical to those who presently look at us with a distorted view.