Memorial Page of Those Lost To Overdose

My daughter, Taleah, passed away from fentanyl poisoning in May 2021. Taleah was the most beautiful girl inside and out. She had such a kind spirit. She always wanted to help others from feeding the homeless to charging up her lunch account in school for the kids who didn’t have lunch money. She truly was genuine in her actions. She also was very intelligent, she was in the gifted program in elementary and middle school. She enjoyed playing in her school band and attended Awana at church. I miss her so much! Her spirit will forever live through me and I will be her voice and spread awareness on the dangers of fentanyl.
Love, Taleah’s Mother + Grandmother

Taleah Janae Gould

Passed away in May 2021 | Age: 25 | Oakland, CA

Ethan was only 21 years old when his life was tragically cut short by a fentanyl-pressed pill. His story is an example of how “one pill can kill.” Ethan was kind, light-hearted, funny, compassionate, and he touched so many lives in 21 years. He was always smiling and his laugh was truly infectious. Hockey was his passion and he was a team captain and role model for many of his peers. The loss of Ethan shattered the hearts of our family and those in our community. He is honored every year with a memorial hockey game and golf tournament. Ethan is forever loved and missed by his friends and family.

Ethan Miller

January 24, 1997 – January 15, 2019 | Age: 21 | Boston, MA

“On Wednesday, October 12, my little brother Chris died in a Publix bathroom. Chris battled addiction, while I continue to battle suicide. Chris was my baton-partner in this shared relay. We didn’t look to each other at the finish line, but to God. Now I – like so many of you – have to learn to run alone. I had the blessing and the burden of coming up with his epitaph. It reads: “God never gave up on you and you never gave up on God.”
Love you, Chris.

  • Heather


Passed away on October 12th, 2022 | Age: 39 |  Fort Lauderdale, FL

Sara Babrove

Age: 46 | Plantation, Florida

“Ian always told people he was a momma’s boy. We were close. He gave the best hugs. When Ian was your friend, you had a friend for life. He had a heart of gold, funny, handsome , smart and loved by many. I wish he knew this as he had low self esteem and that used to hurt me. Ian and his sister Caitlin are 11 months apart and she was older. They were best friends. Ian was an amazing uncle to Jayce, everyone thought Ian was his dad because they look so much alike and to this day, I see Ian all over again in Jayce. Ian never got to meet his niece because Caitlin was 5 months pregnant with her when he passed. He always told Caitlin that if she had a girl, he would spoil the hell out of her. When my granddaughter was born, they honored Ian by naming her Lanella and she has never met her uncle(that we know of) but she knows everything about him as does her brother Andres as he was a toddler at the time but he does remember him. Our son was taken from us by a very selfish person who was battling her own demons. The awful result was her roaming free while we are left with the memories. Memories that I will cherish until I draw my last breath because I know my son will be waiting for me and I get to have one of the best hugs that I have missed so much.”
– Mom

Ian Nicholas Gunnar Nelson

Age: 26 | Ocala, FL