Free Narcan Training

The Robin Foundation has offered the best but free Narcan training for years to many people to save hundreds of precious lives. With the rapid rise in opioid overdose deaths in the US, the need for free Narcan and its training is rising in many states. We offer Narcan-trained volunteers to events, entertainment venues, and others to save those there with opioid overdose risks. To register for our free online training below. 

For many years, our specialized Narcan training team in Broward County has trained people interested in it to learn many of its crucial lessons. Apart from the many signs to recognize opioid-overdosed people, you will also learn to administer Naloxone, the opioid overdose reversal medication. Also, to teach many people about the many overdose prevention tips and harm reduction steps. The following are a few outlines of what you can learn from our free Narcan training.

To start the training, we offer a brief review of opioid addiction disease

Overview of the many opioid medications for treating pain and others

Details of the overall opioid public health crisis that includes trends, impact, and data

Use of Narcan nasal spray containing Naloxone and its many safety considerations

The national and state laws on using Naloxone to save lives of opioid overdose

Learning all the above

Narcan training outlines in detail will make you a volunteer to use the Narcan spray effectively and successfully.