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Our role, in all cases, will be to find the best recovery solution for each client. The Robin Foundation is made up of therapists, medical professionals and everyday people who are personally invested in the mission of this foundation. Members of the Foundation will gladly meet with any addicts who are still actively using drugs. We will provide instruction and free Narcan so they may have it in their possession in case of overdose. Should family members wish to have a supply of Narcan we would gladly meet with them as well. The Robin Foundation is adamant about saving lives and giving those in need a message of hope, love and support.

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Chris Cavallo

Chris Cavallo is an South Florida entrepreneur well known for his various accomplishments in the Security and Investigations industry. He founded The Robin Foundation with his daughter Cristina as a promise to his wife, Robin and daughter, Stefanie prior to their passing. Through his involvement and the support of others he is committed to offering help and encouragement to those suffering addicts and those with mental health challenges.


Cristina Cavallo

Cristina is a MCAP credentialed practitioner providing recovery treatment services to individuals with substance abuse disorder.
She is credentialed in the domains of Clinical Evaluation, Treatment Planning, Counseling, Case Management and Referral, Client, Family and Community Education, Documentation, Clinical Supervision, and Professional Responsibility.

Director of Community Outreach

Regina Replinger

About me

My passion in my work with The Robin Foundation is deeply rooted partially in my own recovery journey and partially in my continued love and desire to honor the memory of my dear friend, Stefanie Cavallo. I met Stefanie in a recovery program and we instantly connected. We developed a friendship so strong we grew to be family. When presented with an opportunity to join The Robin Foundation in helping addicts and their families, there was no hesitation. I love this family and this mission. I truly believe we can make a difference.

Content Creator/Writer

MaiLee Perez

About me

The Cavallo family holds a very special place in my heart. I met the founders of this organization when I was 14 years of age. They have become my family. Stefanie was another sister and Robin a second mother. Several of my family members battle the disease of addiction. One thing that has always been a driving force for me is the desire to remove the stigma that plagues every addict. I want help educate people on what drug addiction really is and how we can all work together to remove the stigma and save lives. I believe in The Robin Foundation; I believe in the mission and I’m grateful to be a part of it.

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