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Women's Recovery Community

Began as a promise, became a commitment!

Is someone you know at risk for overdose? Contact us for information on ways you can help them. Free Narcan® available!

Ways to get involved:​

Opioid Awareness and How to Administer Narcan Start April 6th Thursday 7pm and we will be conducting these 30 minute sessions the first and last Thursday of April. View more details.

Our program is designed for women but is also available to anyone as a guide to beginning, continuing or rekindling their faith in the addiction recovery process.

In memory of Robin & Stefanie Cavallo.

Robin & Stefanie Cavallo

In memory of Robin & Stefanie Cavallo.

We are a non-profit organization and rely solely on donations, fundraising events and website purchases in order to provide free Narcan and free training on Opioid Awareness as well as How to Administer Narcan to our community and those in need. The foundation is sincerely grateful to all those who support this mission. Thank you.
It is our mission to help change and save lives. We want to prevent another family from experiencing the pain and suffering that comes with the loss of a loved one. Our goal is to reach someone, teach someone, save someone. We lead with love and remember that everybody belongs to somebody. The Robin Foundation was named after Robin Cavallo. Robin was a loving wife, mother and dear friend to many. In her 17 years of recovery she always found time to help anyone afflicted with the disease of addiction. Robin was extremely active in the community of recovering addicts. She offered her time, resources, her home and her heart to any addict with the desire to live. Through her personal encounters, her involvement on committees and fellowship infrastructure she was able to touch the lives of many individuals who otherwise may have never found their way. Sadly, medications prescribed after a medical procedure triggered a relapse and the disease of addiction claimed her life on December 28, 2001. Right before Robin’s passing her husband and children made a promise to continue her life’s mission of helping addicts recover and live the lives they deserve. Now, through the Robin Foundation, her commitment to addicts/alcoholics and their families lives on. It all… “Began as a promise, became a commitment.”
Stefanie Cavallo, a beautiful daughter, mother, sister, friend and also one of Robin’s daughters, never fully recovered from the loss of her mother. She too lost her life to the all-consuming disease of addiction on September 13, 2019. Her life and story serve as a motivation to passionately pursue this foundation’s mission.


Stefanie’s twin sister Cristina Cavallo Frisby has dedicated the last 14 years of her life assisting those that are struggling with the disease of addiction and mental health issues. Cristina and her staff of professional addiction therapists will perform an in-depth assessment of each candidate to determine the exact nature of their addiction and how to proceed with appropriate treatment. The assessment will address physical, emotional and sociological aspects of the individual’s life. A careful interpretation of this assessment will result in a unique profile that can be cross-referenced within developed databases to determine the optimal course of treatment for each individual. Cristina along with her network of behavioral professionals will work together to identify the most suitable treatment facility for either inpatient or outpatient treatment. The Robin Foundation will remain involved with the client for at least one year to aid in the recovery process.

Family Participation

Robin understood the importance of family inclusion and participation throughout the treatment process. The Robin Foundation will include the family members in every aspect of the treatment process. From the initial assessment throughout the stages of treatment, discharge and continued care, the family will be part of each step. Clients and their families can also enhance their recovery with concurrent participation in respected and successful programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and Al-Anon (for family members or anyone who is actively in the life of the client). Active participation in these programs prior to leaving our program helps to create a safety net for clients throughout recovery.

Who is our client?

ANYONE who wants to begin their drug addiction recovery. Our program is designed for women; however we will not turn anyone away. If you are unsure as to whether or not you are a candidate for our program, please contact us so that we may assess and proceed with your care.
We are available to anyone who wants to begin and/or continue their addiction recovery journey.
Call or email today (954) 310-0382 Info@robinfoundation.org

Dedicated Staff
In addition to separate groups and programs, The Robin Foundation has a dedicated staff, which includes a diverse clinical team made up of masters level therapists, some of whom are able to provide therapy and services in English and Spanish. We are non-profit women recovery community that helps all women with their addictions. . Clients and their families can also enhance their recovery with concurrent participation in respected and successful programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA)Alanon and Alateen. Active participation in these programs prior to leaving treatment and/or detox helps to create a safety net for clients throughout recovery.

Meet Our Team Leaders

Chris Cavallo



Chris Cavallo is an South Florida entrepreneur well known for his various accomplishments in the Security and Investigations industry. He founded The Robin Foundation with his daughter Cristina as a promise to his wife, Robin and daughter, Stefanie prior to their passing. Through his involvement and the support of others he is committed to offering help and encouragement to those suffering addicts and those with mental health challenges.



Cristina is a MCAP credentialed practitioner providing recovery treatment services to individuals with substance abuse disorder.
She is credentialed in the domains of Clinical Evaluation, Treatment Planning, Counseling, Case Management and Referral, Client, Family and Community Education, Documentation, Clinical Supervision, and Professional Responsibility.


Director of Community Outreach
My passion in my work with The Robin Foundation is deeply rooted partially in my own recovery journey and partially in my continued love and desire to honor the memory of my dear friend, Stefanie Cavallo. I met Stefanie in a recovery program and we instantly connected. We developed a friendship so strong we grew to be family. When presented with an opportunity to join The Robin Foundation in helping addicts and their families, there was no hesitation. I love this family and this mission. I truly believe we can make a difference.



Where my passion in working with The Robin Foundation comes from is quite simple…my love for the family, for addicts and my belief in the mission of the foundation. The Cavallo family holds a very special place in my heart. I met the founders of this organization when I was 14 years of age. They have no doubt become my family. Stefanie was like another sister and Robin a second mother. Beyond that, several of my family members battle the disease of addiction. One thing that has always been a driving force for me is the desire to remove the stigma that plagues every addict. They are real people, battling a very real disease and shame doesn’t need to be added to that battle. So, in addition to the obvious, which is saving lives, I want help educate people on what drug addiction really is and how we can all work together to remove the stigma and save lives. I believe in The Robin Foundation; I believe in the mission and I’m grateful to be a part of it.

Help The Robin Foundation Save Lives


Cristina Frisby

Above: Chris Cavallo and his daughter Cristina.

Although the Robin Foundation is deeply rooted in spiritually based values and principles, the foundation will help anyone regardless of race, religion, or socio-economic background.

Our role, in all cases, will be to find the best recovery solution for each client. The Robin Foundation is made up of therapists, medical professionals and everyday people who are personally invested in the mission of this foundation. Members of the Foundation will gladly meet with any addicts who are still actively using drugs. We will provide instruction and free Narcan so they may have it in their possession in case of overdose. Should family members wish to have a supply of Narcan we would gladly meet with them as well. The Robin Foundation is adamant about saving lives and giving those in need a message of hope, love and support.

Below: Chris Cavallo and his daughter Cristina.

Narcan, Opioid Overdose Emergency Kits

The Robin Foundation is certified by the Florida Department of Family Services as a certified distributor for Narcan emergency kit.

If you are in need of Narcan whether for yourself a family member, a friend or a business, please contact us so we can deliver Narcan to you as soon as possible.

By establishing the Robin Foundation, we ensure that the benevolent spirit displayed by Robin and Stefanie Cavallo will endure. Robin’s vision of addicts or alcoholics receiving the help they need to lead a better life, regardless of race, color, creed and financial status, will be realized through the foundation that bears her name.

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Clients’ Experiences

Our Mission

The Robin Foundations Mission is to change and save those lives who are at risk to overdose by supplying them with Narcan and providing Free training to as many individuals, families, and organizations in the proper method to administer Narcan in case of an overdose. The Robin Foundation will also create communities for women that are safe and provide a recovery service structure that will deliver the best possibility of success no matter of their socio economic status, race, creed, or religion. We will provide (MAT)medicated assisted treatment to those that require special assistance when necessary by providing a comprehensive service plan that exceeds FARR certified requirements. We will ensure each client an optimum level of success by the time our clients program and treatment plan has been completed.

Our Vision

We envision by reaching out to those who are a risk to overdose and providing Free Narcan ,Free Training and Free Support we will not only save lives but increase the “conversation” between our families ,neighbors, employees and loved ones. By doing this we will chip away at the stigma of mental illness and the disease of addiction which is now so prevalent in our community. We also believe that by providing WOMEN the most underserved in the recovery population not only safe housing but services that far exceed any other offerings being made presently. We will decrease the standard recidivism rate and increase the level of long-term recovery. By providing access to a comprehensive and a documented long-term recovery plan our clients will learn to become better citizens in their own communities as well as daughters and parents when reunited with their families. Just as importantly, we believe that – through the Robin Foundations efforts – the shadow and stigma surrounding mental illness and addiction will one day become less important to those that presently look at us with a distorted view.
Robin Foundation
If you have lost a loved one and would like to speak to a Volunteer who has lost a loved one as well please fill out the information form and we will get in touch with you ASAP.

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The Robin Foundation is a 501 C3 certified organization.

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